Link Pan Card To Aadhar Card

PAN or Permanent Account Number is an Indian code which acts as the Income Tax Identification number for every Indian individual. According to the latest PIB notification, Pan card linking to Aadhar card is mandatory and must be done before Pan card aadhar card linking last date.

Income Tax department has its official portal for linking Pan card to Aadhar card. You can visit the official Pan card aadhar linking portal here – and then follow the instructions as mentioned.


Pan Aadhar Linking can be done via two processes. The first one involves manual form filling and bio-metrics authentication. The second process involves online application for Pan Card Aadhar Card Linking and submission through Aadhar linking portal.

Online Process

The online process for linking Pan card to Aadhar card is organized by the Income Tax Department and the UIDAI together. A platform has been established online on the Income Tax website where an Indian citizen can visit and complete Pan Aadhar verification easily through self service portal.

Here is brief information abour processes involved in online linking of Pan card to Aadhar card.

To link Pan card to Aadhar card online, follow these steps –

  1. Go to the Income tax website and follow navigation to go to the Aadhar Linking Portal. Direct link is as follows –
  2. Then login to your Pan Card Account online through PAN Card number and OTP.
  3. In the PAN Card section, please enter PAN number.
  4. In the Aadhaar number section, please enter your Aadhar number.
  5. In the ‘Name as per Aadhar’ section, please enter your full name.
  6. If your Aadhar card doesn’t have your date or birth and month of birth mentioned in it, you have to check the ‘I have only year of birth in Aadhar card’ option.
  7. Now check the ‘I agree to validate my Aadhar details with UIDAI’ option. This will check if your Aadhar card details match with your provided information in Pan card or not.
  8. Read the captcha image and enter the code.
  9. Click on Link Aadhar button.

After that, you will be moved to the step 2 of Pan Aadhar Linking process. You will have to authenticate using mobile number and OTP for completing Pan Card Aadhar Linking Online process.

Offline process

Linking Pan Card to Aadhar card is possible offline too by following simple steps of verification. You need to visit the offline Pan Card Center or Income Tax office and then look for the Aadhar linking section.

Then you are required to get Pan Aadhar Linking form and fill it.

Attest the form with a photo copy of your Aadhar card and Pan card. Submit it and wait for approval.

You will get a confirmation message in your registered mobile inbox after your Pan card is linked with Aadhar card.


Sometimes, while linking Pan card to Aadhar card, you might get problems which you will find tough to sort out.

Here are some of the problems and solutions about Pan card aadhar card linking.

  1. Name Mismatch Problem

    Some times your PAN Card might have different name than in your Aadhar card and so you might find problem in linking PAN to Aadhar. However, PAN Aadhar seeding has an option for this problem. In case of name mismatch issue, you can authenticate again through additional OTP on your aadhar registered mobile number after which you will be able to link Aadhar card with PAN card with partial name matching too. This problem has been mentioned here with description –

  2. OTP Not Received

    Some times, while linking Aadhar to Pan, you might face OTP problem. You do not get OTP on your registered mobile number and so you cannot complete the Aadhar Pan linking online. This happens because of multiple reasons like server loaded too high, 500 error, 404 error, SMS API not working for a while or other reasons. For all those reasons, there is one solution- Wait for a while and then try again. When server doesn’t work, you cannot do anything about it. So when you face OTP problem and your OTP is not received, just wait and try again after an hour.

Customer Care

In case you cannot link Pan with Aadhar and need to submit grievance or complaint, you can do that by contacting PAN card customer care or Aadhar card customer care service. Here are detailed contact information for contacting PAN Card Aadhar Card customer service.

Mumbai +91(22) 67931300, 67931301, 67931302, 67931303, 67931304
Fax: (022) 67931399           Email:
Kolkata +91(33) 22108959, 22424774
Chennai +91(44) 22500426, 22500183
New Delhi +91(11) 23211262, 23211273-23211274, 23211285, 23211387

Government of India
3rd Floor,Tower II, Jeevan Bharati Building,Connaught Circus,
New Delhi – 110001
Phone : 011-23466899

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