Link Airtel Mobile Number to Aadhar Card

Airtel Aadhar Link Online

How to link Aadhar with Airtel Mobile number online?

To link Aadhar with Airtel mobile number, follow these steps –

  1. Go to Airtel Aadhar Link Portal –
  2. Now choose between Airtel Prepaid Aadhar Linking or Airtel Postpaid Aadhar Linking.
  3. For Airtel Postpaid, visit your local Airtel office.
  4. For Airtel Prepaid, visit your local Airtel retailer.
  5. Provide bio-metrics for authentication.

Additionally, you can do airtel sim registration, airtel aadhar update, airtel aadhar linking through online website of .

Steps to Link Aadhaar and Airtel number Offline

You can also opt out for the offline mode for seeding your Airtel mobile number with your Aadhar card. The steps for the same are given below:

  • Visit your nearest Airtel retail store or Airtel Store.
  • Ask the Promoter or person in charge at the center that want to link your mobile number with your Aadhaar Card.
  • Provide your Airtel mobile number to that person or to the retailer, then he will enter your adhaar number in the bio-metric machine for Aadhaar verification.
  • Following this you will get an OTP on your Airtel mobile number. Provide this OTP to the vendor.
  • After this the retailer will verify his fingerprint on the biometric machine following which you will have to provide your phone number with Aadhaar number and fingerprint on the machine.
  • Provide details like father’s name/husband’s name etc.
  • After completion of this process you will receive a text message on your Airtel mobile number to which you will have to reply with “Yes” in order to complete the process of verification.
  • Following this you will receive a message of “Success” (successful seeding) of Aadhaar with your Airtel mobile number.

Why do we need to link Airtel Number with Aadhar Card?

We need to link Airtel Number With Aadhar Card because of the new directions of UIDAI and Government of India. The PIB notification from Government of India mentions that every mobile number needs to be linked with Aadhar card or the service shall be discontinued.

Can we do Airtel Aadhar Link Online through Self Service Update Portal or SSUP?

No, SSUP allows you to update mobile number in Aadhar card or do Aadhar card mobile number change. However, at one time, only one mobile number can be provided in Aadhar card. To link all numbers including the Airtel mobile number, you need to link Airtel to Aadhar card separately.

The SSUP Portal can’t allow updating multiple Airtel number to Aadhar.

How to update Airtel Number Aadhar Card Linking?

In case you have not linked Aadhar with Airtel number, you should first visit local Airtel office or retailer and then get the Aadhar linking form. Then, provide a photo copy of your Aadhar card and get Airtel number linked to Aadhar card.

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  1. I am RAJAMANI from Coimbatore, running 78 years. The finger print are worn out and hence retails store people helpless. What is the alternate method for linking airtel prepaid mobile. When I got the aadhar card, the mobile was not registered. Pl help

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